January 2019, Happy New Year!  Upcoming wine dinner and Valentine's Day Menus...

So much gratitude and so many, many thanks for making 2018 such a success for us and our little family. We are super proud of what we do here to represent our community through food.  Our farmer alliances are what keep us looking forward and help to inspire and shape how we interpret the changing seasons.  So take a moment and think happy thoughts for our dear friends that without their dedication to their crafts, we’d be lost.

Valley Farmstead, Cloud Mountain Farm Center, Twin Cedars Farm, Mariposa Farm, Herban Mushrooms, Spotted Owl Farm, Alluvial Farm, Jeremy Brown, Key City Fish, Twin Sisters Creamery, Ferndale Farmstead Cheese, and through the Puget Food Hub; Heldin Farm, River Haven Farm, Ralph’s Greenhouse, Hopewell Farm, Viva Farm, Boldly Grown Farm, Cabrera Farm, Sauk Farm, Cairnspring Mills, Samish Bay Cheese, and Acme Farms Cheese, and all the other wonderful folks we work with. Thank you!!
Going into the new year usually comes with a lot of energy and focus.  This is most certainly true for this coming year for us here at HN. Throwing great dinner parties is clearly our passion and our intent is to really turn it up this year.  A wide range of themes are currently streaming across the table and it seems a little overwhelming at first, but then the excitement for bringing these ideas to life takes over.  Be on the lookout for our monthly wine dinners for sure, but we also hope to bring a few different formats around to help further our growth and education.  That means beer and cider paired dinners as well as a series of dinners that will be conceived and operated by our staff that feature exciting themes that the cooks are spending hours and hours researching and developing their very own tributes to cuisines that inspire them.  So far we have menus that feature Spain, Canada, Vegetarian, Mexican, and Japanese.  I couldn’t be more proud or excited to help the gang do their thing and serve you delicious food that inspires them.  

Also in the works are some more opportunities to get out into the community with us and support some good causes and bring some attention to our farmer friends. That means more farm dinners this year! My favorite. I am also kicking around the idea to do some classes here in the restaurant to further promote the use of seasonal and local ingredients and how to make the best of what you have and how to better interpret those dumb recipes that should work but don’t. Just a few ideas.
Thank you for helping us do what we love.  

January 23rd Wine Dinner:

January 23rd, join us for an evening featuring an exceptional Italian Menu created by Chef Todd Alan Martin featuring pairings with the wines of GD Vajra.  Click here to view the menu.  To make a reservation simply click "make a reservation" on our website or click here.  Reservations for this evening require you to enter a credit card.  Cancellations within 48 hours of your reservation time are subject to a $25 per person fee.  Cost for this event is $125 per person and includes food and wine pairings.  We will have limited seating for this event to keep it intimate, so don't delay in making your reservation as it will fill up quickly.

The GD Vajra estate is found in Vergne, the highest village of Barolo in north-west Italy, where the vineyards sit at an altitude of up to 400 metres.  The estate is run by the originator Giuseppe's son Aldo who, with the help of his wife Milena and their children, tends all 40 hectares of vines. The elevated growing conditions mean that grapes ripen later than in nearby vineyards, but possess an innate elegance as a result. The dry micro climate also results in relatively small yields helping to ensure grapes of excellent quality.  25% of the land is planted with Nebbiolo for Aldo's Barolo where the soil is rich in calcareous marl, with rocky outcrops, giving fragrant and particularly long-lived wines.  This is a truly diverse operation, ranging from semi-sweet sparkling wines to single-vineyard Barolo. Aldo adheres to old-style winemaking methods, such as ageing his Barolo in barrel for three and half years prior to bottling, though blends these with new techniques. He explains his approach, saying that 'traditional wines are more elegant, with more delicate perfumes, leaner, somewhat difficult, but offering more pleasure at the table.'  Unlike the powerful wines of Serralunga or Monforte, Aldo's wines have a Burgundian intensity and a purity of flavour that makes them stand out in Barolo.

Valentine's Day:
Join us on Thursday, February 14th for a five course Valentine's Dinner.  This incredible menu is available for one night only and features three options for each course so that there will be something for all tastes and restricted diets such as vegetarians and vegans.  Click here for the full menu.  To reserve a table simply click "make a reservation" on our website.  Reservations for this evening require you to enter a credit card.  Cancellations within 48 hours of your reservation time are subject to a $45 per person fee.  Past Valentine's day dinners have taught us that this is a better way to ensure a well planned night for both our guests and our staff.  Cost for this event is $95 per person.

- Every Tuesday, if you work anywhere related to restaurants, from uber drivers to servers.. you get 20% off.
- Every Wednesday is "Pot and a Pour" night, choose a glass of wine or a beer with our incredible 4 day red wine braised pot roast for $25.  This is a huge savings, so come try it!
- We have by far the most delicious brunch in Bellingham, every Sunday from 9:30 to 2:30, come eat!

Our delicious duck breast served with shiitakes, stir fried wheat berries, beets & greens, and a delicious red wine Demi sauce.  I can't begin to put into words how delicious this dish is, you need to try for yourself.

Final thoughts:
I'm so excited for the new year and all of the exciting things we have in the works!   We are so lucky to have a chef like Todd pushing his team to places no other restaurant in Bellingham has gone before.  I'm constantly in awe of their ability to work so well together and to be constantly dedicated to learning more and sharing such great food with all of us.  It's a very rare thing in the restaurant world to have a place completely dedicated to quality of sourcing, organics, creativity, and experimentation that involves such a wonderful group of people, we truly are a family.  You, our customers are what keep us excited, and we can't wait to see you soon!  

Tim and the HN crew

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